Basic Solution


per user per month
  • Maximum sending size : 25 MB / transfer
  • Maximum reception size : 2 GB / transfer
  • Online consultation time : 5 days
  • Number of sending : monthly quota
  • A BlueFiles watermark is applied over your BlueFiles printings


SAAS Solution

7.5 €*

per user per month
  • Maximum sending size : 2 GB / transfer
  • Maximum reception size : 2 Go / transfer
  • Online consultation time : 15 days
  • Number of sending : unlimited

* Degressive price according to the number of users.

On Premises

Solution hosted on your servers and managed by your IT department

On Quotation

  • Maximum sending size : custom
  • Maximum reception size : custom
  • Online consultation time : unlimited
  • Number of sending : unlimited

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Standard Pro On Premises
End-to-end encryption
Receiving encrypted files or folders
Size limit per transfer of encrypted files or folders 25 MB 2 GB custom
Number of sending monthly quota (10 / month) unlimited unlimited
Retention period 5 days 15 à 30 days custom
License Administration (admin status)
Outlook add-in
Personal page for depositing encrypted content
Transmission report
Usage statistics
Acknowledgement of receipt (e-mail notification)
Choice of recipient authentication
Authenticated reception
Two-factor authentication
Remote control after sending
Access to transmission archives
Directory management
Team management
Management of shared accounts (1 license per user of the account)