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Maximum file size : 25 Mb
Allowed on-line reading* : 5 days

A BlueFiles watermark is printed over your documents


With the SAAS / ONPREMISE offer, benefit from the complete BlueFiles solution with centralized management of your users.


Maximum file size : 2 Gb
Allowed on-line reading* : 15 days

* Only BlueFiles can be viewed online. The on-line consultation time is limited but the file can be viewed offline in the BlueFiles Reader Desktop after it has been downloaded from BlueFiles Reader Web.

All options

  • Illimited number of .blue files with the BlueFiles Printer

  • Automated file mailing or transfer With each addition of a correspondent

  • .blue files update Control over versioning

  • Remote deletion of the files Wherever he is

  • Control over printing rights Editable at any time

  • Control over downloading rights Editable at any time

  • Addition/removal of recipients Editable at any time

  • Control over reading periods Editable at any time

  • Document sharing with on-line BlueFiles Reader

  • On-line file reading Limited time

  • Local .blue file reading Unlimited duration with the Desktop BlueFiles Reader

  • Devolution of reading rights Editable at any time

  • Watermark Possible only when generating

  • Possible additional mention when printing Possible only when generating

  • Real time reporting Access and consultation of documents