The BlueFiles Suite

It is not mandatory. To send or receive data secured by BlueFiles, you can use the website. It is only useful to facilitate these operations, allowing advanced features such as Outlook add-in, BlueFiles printing or processing very large volumes. However, it is essential in cases of incompatibilities between your browser (not updated or obsolete) and the modern encryption / decryption technologies used by BlueFiles.

BlueFiles Printer : It allows you to send secure BlueFiles files or make secure transfers.

To use BlueFiles Printer, you must have an account.This account allows you to :

- To connect to the BlueFiles software suite.
- Access your secure user space (history of received items, management of remote rights, management of your account).

BlueFiles Reader : it allows you to access all of your transmitted or received files with BlueFiles and perform multiple actions such as local installation of files or extraction of transfers.