I have power over my data

Users manage data privacy themselves through end-to-end encryption.

The data (e-mails or files) are encrypted and decrypted locally on the users' workstations. The responsibility for the data is therefore in the hands of the users and not only of an administrator.

Many platforms have access to the encryption keys for your data and would be able to provide them at the request of a government institution.

concept-img01 User Empowerment

Nothing usable transit via BlueFiles

Guaranteed confidentiality

No password, no usable security key, no non-encrypted document transit through our servers. No American tracking utilities like Google Analytics.

Many platforms store your data, dispatch them, and know the encryption keys. These are permanent targets. In case of leaks or piracy, your data are in danger.

concept-img04 Zero Knowledge

Strong end-to-end authentication

The BluePass service exists to guarantee the digital identity of your correspondents regardless of the environment or equipment used.

BlueFiles is based on a strong "BluePass" authentication system that guarantees the digital identity of your correspondents during authentication to software, websites and file access.
This is based on your e-mail and password known only to you. Double authentication by TOTP is available for each user who wishes to use it.
Our platform does not have access to the password, even in hash form.

Many platforms keep passwords in a hashed format: however, 5 minutes is enough to retrieve the original password from the Internet. Your correspondents are not required to create an account to view BlueFiles files.

concept-img03 Authentication

Data traceability

The GDPR also requires that a register be created and maintained that records, over time, all transactions involving personal data. BlueFiles provides a history of all data sharing with cryptographically based consultation reports over which the processing manager has full control.

concept-img02 AnyWhere Data Control

Your data is perpetually encrypted on our secure servers

Your data is hosted in a datacenter in the Paris region that meets high security standards (Tier III, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, approved clean room health data hosting). End-to-end encryption means that the entire encryption process is done from your home, browser or local workstation. It is impossible for BlueFiles staff or its subcontractors to open your data or for a hacker to glean information about you: your data belongs to you.

Many cloud or data transfer platforms have access to the encryption keys for your data. Worse still, they can base their business on the content of this data for advertising purposes.

concept-img05 End-to-End User

I keep remote control over my data

Even after their dispatch, you keep full control overyour data

Continue to manage access to your data after it is released: real-time destruction of online data, removal or addition of user access, management of consultation periods...

concept-img06 AnyTime Data Control