I keep full control over my data

The user manages by himself his data encryption and confidentiality.

Files are locally encrypted by the user himself, thanks to the local printer installed on his machine. The data’s responsability is thus in the user’s hands, and not in those of a system admin.

Many platforms have access to the encryption keys of your data and would be able to provide them, on a government agency’s request for example.

User Empowerment

Nothing usable transit via BlueFiles

Guaranteed confidentiality

No password, no usable security key, no non-encrypted document transit through our servers.

Many platforms store your data, dispatch them, and know the encryption keys. These are permanent targets. In case of leaks or piracy, your data are in danger.

Zero Knowledge

Authentification with no constraint

The BluePass Service is there to guarantee the digital identity of your correspondents, whatever the environment or hardware.

BlueFiles is based upon a powerful authentication system, « BluePass », which certifies your digital identity when users log in and access the files.
Authentication is based upon the e-mail address and a password that only its owner knows, stored in local.
Our platform have no access to the password, even in « minced » mode.

Many other platforms store the passwords in a « minced » mode : 5 minutes are enough to find the original password on Internet.


Your data can be dispatched anywhere with no risk

A .blue file can transit anywhere with no risk for its confidentiality.

Despite a risky recipient’s environment, his bad use of electronic mails/on line transfer platforms , data loss or theft (external drive, USB key), your .blue files can transit with no risk at all.

AnyWhere Data Control

Your data are permanently encrypted

Our innovation : the EndtoEndUser encryption

In a regular EndtoEnd process, both sender and recipient own a non-encrypted copy of the file. Therefore, security gaps still remain : uncontrolled data share or storage, infected computers, theft of equipment, data falsification…. Thanks to the EndtoEndUser technology, the recipient of a .blue file never owns a non-encrypted copy of the data : he is only allowed to read it.


I keep remote control over my data

Even after their dispatch, you keep full control overyour data

Keep on controlling your data after its broadcast : real-time deletion, removal, or new recipients addition, authorized reading periods’ management.

AnyTime Data Control