BlueFiles, the secure alternative to transfer and sharing solutions

BlueFiles offers a secure alternative to transfer solutions (weTransfer, Transfer Now, HighTail, weSend, etc.) and file sharing (DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc.). The simplicity of the use is at the service of productivity but with the essential security layer to ensure maximum confidentiality of the shipment to the reception. Let's discover the advantages of BlueFiles in terms of usage and confidentiality.

  • BlueFiles

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  • Encryption

  • Zero knowledge platform

    On the BlueFiles platform, no usable data - files, encryption keys or passwords - are available : no technical intermediaries (engineers, data storage supervisors, administrators or even BlueFiles developers) can access the data.
    All files transmitted with BlueFiles are perfectly protected whereas many platforms do cleartext data storage or own encryption keys or passwords.

  • Local encryption

    A printed, or transferred, BlueFile is always locally encrypted and decrypted, on the users' workstation.The content of the document is thus never transferred non encrypted to the Bluefiles Server, the server can not decrypt it.
    The local encryption/decryption is the only way to ensure that the exchange platform is really secure, because it cannot access the content of your documents.

  • Permanent file encryption in .blue format (read only)

    Once saved in .blue format, a file is permanently encrypted. It may transit through risky environments with no danger regarding its confidentiality. Its content is thus fully protected, and you keep control over it along the whole life cycle of the document, wherever it is.

  • Web reader with local decryption (".blue" files reader)

    BlueFiles takes advantage of the latest web browser versions, now able to carry out a decryption process locally.
    The .blue files download, or reading, are fully secured because it is the web browser itsef which decrypts, and not a server (the server is not able to do it, which protects you from possible piracy).

  • Authentication on receipt

    The BluePass service exists to guarantee the digital identity of your correspondents regardless of the environment or equipment used.
    BlueFiles is based on a strong "BluePass" authentication system that guarantees the digital identity of your correspondents during authentication to software, websites and file access. This is based on your e-mail and password known only to you. Double authentication by TOTP is available for each user who wishes to use it.
    Our platform does not have access to the password, even in hash form.
    Your correspondents are not required to create an account to view BlueFiles files.

  • Access rights and security options management

  • Rights holders addition and control

    From the secured user space or from the file itself, at anytime, the sender and owner of a .blue file keeps control over acess to this file. He can add recipients, check all the rights holders, and authorize file sharing for some of them.
    The owner of a .blue file keeps total control all along the confidence chain.

  • .Blue files control (print, download, reading period)

    With a connected device, from the secured user space or from the file itself, printing, download, or access periods, can permanently be under control.

  • Tracking

  • Printed particulars (date, user, company)

    A ".blue" file's owner has the possibility to add mandatory particulars (date, issuing company and user), which will be visible if the file is printed on paper.

  • Real-time overview on rights holders and rights delegations

    At anytime, a ".blue" file's owner is able to check the complete rights-holders' list with a tree view. The document's owner keeps permanent control over all the confidence network.

  • Watermark

    A ".blue" file's owner has the possibility to choose a visible watermark on opening.

  • File versioning and automated update (.blue file)

    When a file is updated, its version is incremented and the previous one becomes obsolete. Rights-holders are notified by an e-mail including a URL directing to the latest release.

  • Log file

    From his secured user space - -, a ".blue" file's owner has the possibility to track all important events in his file's history (be that file printed or transferred).

  • Data hosting

  • Servers in France

    All data are hosted on servers located in France. (Possible exception on the ON PREMISE offer)

  • Offers

  • Free SAAS offer

  • SAAS offer

  • ON PREMISE offer