Let's talk about justice Secure your electronic exchanges (emails, documents) with your customers, towards your colleagues and any other recipients.

Whatever the channel used, the lawyer is always the guarantor of his professional secrecy *

BlueFiles guarantees the secrecy of correspondence

Law office
orporate Legal Department
Justice bodies and institutions
Consulting and audit company

Exchange securely emails and sensitive documents with your recipients.

Transfer large documents that do not go through standard courier (> 10 MB).

Send your documents and files from your browser, Outlook or your business software.

Receive sensitive documents (> 10MB) safely thanks to your personalized deposit page.

Protect the personal data and privacy of your European customers from third parties or US laws (Cloud Act / Privacy Shield)

Reassure your contacts about the digital trust of your exchanges contributing to your reputation.

Confidentiality and security of exchanges

RGPD Regulatory compliance for the exchange of your customers' personal data

CSPN ANSSI security visa

Secret Professionnel* End-to-end encryption

HADS Accredited Health Data Hosting

They trust us

*Respect for professional secrecy is defined by article 66-5 of the law of December 31, 1971, article 4 of the decree of July 12, 2005, article 2 of the national internal regulations (RIN) and protected by article 226 -13 of the penal code.