Let's talk about health Exchange sensitive documents (medical, personal characters, etc.), even large ones, to any type of recipient not equipped or not eligible for secure health messaging.

BlueFiles makes it possible to meet regulatory requirements on the protection and confidentiality of personal health data

A regulatory, secure and agile exchange service for healthcare establishments

Healthcare establishments
Health organizations and institutions
Laboratory, Insurance, mutual
City doctor, Occupational medicine

Exchange sensitive documents to recipients who are not equipped with Secure Health Messaging

Transfer large documents that do not go through standard messaging (> 10 MB)

Send documents and files from your browser, Outlook or your business software

Receive sensitive documents (> 10MB) in complete security thanks to your personalized deposit page.

Automate volume shipments of medical records with the BlueFiles utility

Compliance of health data exchanges

RGPD Security of exchanges / Hosting in France

CSPN ANSSI security visa

Secret Médical End-to-end encryption

HDS Strong authentication, traceability, certified hosting

They trust us